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Beauty and pageantry have always been deeply related to the world of television, and so it is no coincidence that the history of PAGEANT DESIGN began not behind a computer monitor, but a video camera instead. 

Actually, the journey started a little earlier than that, back when a then 8-year-old Esteban Medaglia wanted to become a filmmaker in his hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Reality, however, dictated that film was not quite a viable career path (not to mention a truly sustainable business) in South America, and so Esteban migrated to sunny South Florida in 2001, after graduating with a Bachelor's in TV Production. The goal: to opt for the small screen instead of the big screen canvas, and to be able to work in the always fascinating world of Television. There is, after all, no business like show business! 


This lead to 12+ wonderful years of association with Tel-Air Interests, Inc, who were in charge of producing both the MISS FLORIDA USA and MISS FLORIDA TEEN USA TV broadcasts. Esteban's duties involved producing, directing, shooting, coordinating and supervising tons of TV specials. Eventually, he decided to expand his creative arsenal and began to experiment with graphic design. In fact, the editorial and print world were another of Esteban's passions, and for a period of more than 10 years he was also editor and publisher of Maelstrom, a rock/heavy metal magazine sold all over South America. Yes, apparently air guitars and sashes CAN go hand in hand!


It wasn't long before he actually realized that he preferred to express his creativity with a mouse and design software instead of lenses, videotapes and hard drives. Addressing the need (in a market saturated with fashion photographers but not nearly enough designers) for a "one-stop" graphic design/print solution for the world of pageantry that could cater to delegates, pageant directors, coaches and fashionistas alike, Esteban founded PAGEANT DESIGN in 2010. Four years later, and here we are with an ever-growing list of clients that include MISS FLORIDA USA & TEEN USA (of course!), MISS DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA USA & TEEN USA, LA CASA HERMOSA, MISS VERMONT USA, MISS MIAMI VIP, THE EMBRACE FOUNDATION, MISS NORTHWEST FLORIDA, MAC DUGGAL, PAGEANT SUCCESS, GLOBAL PAGEANT PRODUCTIONS, INTERNATIONAL JUNIOR MISS, PRINCESS AMERICA, MISS FLORIDA AMERICA, MISS RACING QUEEN, MISS WEST VIRGINIA USA, CROWNING IN EXCELLENCE, and many, many more!


Our goal at PAGEANT DESIGN is to treat each and every one of our clients in a special way and allow them to stand out from the generic crowds of the visual "cut and paste" variety. We do NOT use and abuse the same old, same old "pageant look". Instead, we focus on each contestant ad, each pageant coach promo item or a director's flyer, for example, as if they were all 100% unique. Even if this takes a lot longer to achieve! We take pride in each and every one of our projects, no matter how big or how small they are. 


Delegates, when the judges see your ad on the printed page, we want them to remember you! Coaches, we want you to reach a wider audience and get your message across in a sophisticated, professional, visually dynamic manner. Directors, we will make your next program book look like a proper magazine/book/brochure, instead of a photocopied pamphlet. After all, we are all in the "beauty" business, aren't we? Allow your next program book to LOOK BEAUTIFUL


But beauty alone doesn't win a pageant. One also requires a degree of personality, charisma and uniqueness. And that is exactly how we see all our clients and projects: as unique. Our goal is to showcase a delegate, coach or pageant director's strengths, virtues and individuality. We take our time and spend time WITH you and, if needed, we'll walk you through the entire process. Did we mention that we are super-friendly? Give us a call. There are no silly questions. You are NOT wasting our time. We love this stuff!


Thanks for stopping by, feel free to get in touch with any questions, and enjoy the photos below! (yes, that's Esteban throughout the years at his many pageants!)




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